Sweets for your skin & soul

Healthy sweets that make you happy

A collection of my absolute favourite sweet recipes without refined sugar, all plant-based.

It's important to have some recipes that satisfy your sweet tooth without drastically raising your blood sugar levels. To enjoy your food without a second thought if it's good for you.


Sweet potato brownies

The diet plan I used and kept it strict for a couple of months to cleanse my liver and help my skin heal faster. My usual breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some tips and my review about this diet plan.


Banana pancakes, GF

The mental side of this skin condition and what I did to keep my mood better. Yoga, meditation, breathwork, building a morning routine, learning how to practice self-care.

Untitled design-69.png

Raw lime cake

Getting rid of the toxins in my household, changing to natural products. Label reading, ingredients, changing the toxic products to more skin- and eco friendly ones.

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