As I got more and more interested in de-stressing methods I tried out and absolutely loved breathwork. I find deep breathing and breathwork the most powerful tools to control our minds and bodies.

Woman practising breathwork
There are a lot of different types of breathing techniques

Meditation is something truly amazing for me, it brings me a calmer mind and stronger intuition. Even though I love meditating I found it hard to sit down and let go of my thoughts, mostly when being new to meditation. I tried out different meditations in complete silence, with some ambient background music, with or without headphones, guided meditations, self hypnosis, breathing meditations, apps, chanting, etc. What I realised was that breathing and chanting meditations allowed me to really let go of my thoughts and worries and focus on my breath or the lyrics or the act of breathing or chanting. The deeper my breath, the deeper I was able to go within myself.

The right way of breathing

Listening to several meditation teachers and healers who all talked about the right way of breathing helped me a lot to transform my breathing. Some of them told me to breathe in the belly in a gentle, kind way, others more harshly, pointing out that it's causing me problems if I breathe in my chest only. This knowledge was key to my inner journey. I realised that everything changes in and around me once I breathe deeply, slowly, in my lower belly.

Just think about it for a second. We have our ribcage which gives a limit to our breath. When we breathe in our chest we actually run out of space and start to breathe in the shoulders, neck and head creating extra tension. But if you watch your belly it is the only place of your whole body where you don't have bones. You have the ability to maximise the size of it, to expand your breath truly. This gives you way more space, way deeper breaths. And the deeper your breath the deeper level of relaxation you can reach.

If you're someone struggling with keeping it cool or you have anxiety and too much negative thoughts, I highly recommend trying out some deep breathing. The easiest way you can start is to set a timer for 5-10 minutes, maybe put on some meditation or healing music and sit with a straight spine and just focus on your breath, trying to slow it down. That's it. You repeat it over and over again until your breath becomes like a wave, you don't need to concentrate on it anymore, you just do it automatically. It helps you a lot to calm down and get rid of anxiety.

If you're looking for more guidance, I got you covered. Wim Hof is the pioneer of breathwork and this simple video he guides you through your first breathing session. It takes 10 minutes but you will feel like you have done an hour of yoga and meditation after this!


Julia Blanka

With the knowledge I gained during my education as a holistic health and nutrition coach and with my genuine passion for holistic wellbeing and skincare I’m on the mission to guide you to your healthiest, most beautiful self.

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