Skin friendly chickpea "tuna"salad

An absolute favourite recipe of mine this lovely chickpea salad. It's not only super delicious but also high in protein and anti inflammatory. Let's take a look in how to prepare this wonderful snack!

A cup of cooked chickpeas
Cooked chickpeas

Canned or cooked?

I like to keep a couple of canned goods in my kitchen cabinet just in case I run out of time or get hungry really quick and want to eat something immediately. I always have some canned chickpeas, white beans, red beans and coconut milk at home. But I also buy dried beans, lentils and chickpeas and store them in a glass jar.

My routine is simple. If I plan the meal in advance I soak in the beans or chickpeas the night before and cook them the next morning or afternoon. If I just want to eat some legumes quickly then I just grab the canned version and use that one. Easy. I'm trying to be more eco-conscious and use the dried legumes more, but honestly I don't always plan my meals and in these cases the canned version is just as good.

However we need to be careful to choose a canned chickpea without any other additives. In my opinion the best versions are those that have only salt and water apart from the chickpeas.

Soak it in for 8-12 hours, cook for 1 hour

This is the magic behind chickpea and most of the beans out there. If you want to have 2 cups of cooked chickpeas, start with the half amount when dried because they are going to grow a lot through the night as they soak up water! Also consider to use a container where the chickpeas have enough place to grow. The best is to use a big jar or bowl for soaking them in.

So if you measured one cup of chickpeas, wash them nicely then soak them in water. For 1 cup of chickpeas you can add 3-4 cups of water easily, they will soak it up anyways. You can change the soaking water once or twice to make sure it's as pure as possible. Then you leave it there for the night. Next morning you can change the water, rinse the chickpeas and cook them in a pot on medium heat for an hour. During this time you can stir it occasionally so they don't get burned. If it's tender enough you can remove the pot from the stove and strain the chickpeas to get rid of the excess water. There you go, you have your cooked chickpeas!

Avoiding the spices

A lot of chickpea "tuna" salads out there have spicy ingredients, such as mustard, pepper, vinegar, paprika powder, etc. I found these better to avoid while I was healing my skin as I reacted to them with red skin and itching. If you don't have any problems with these spices, go ahead and spice up your salad. If you're in a period of sensitive liver and bowel reactions, you might want to avoid spices as much as possible. Even olives can be tricky for some, so if you don't feel comfortable with that either, don't put it in your salad. All the other ingredients should be perfectly fine for healing the skin as they are anti inflammatory, rich in protein and vitamins, minerals.

To get the printable template in PDF, click here:

Chickpea salad
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