The journal that healed my skin

Eczema tracker, food & mood tracker, Healing Journal. I created the healing journal to be able to track my reactions on different foods but I wanted to spice it up a little bit so I added a mood tracker, a little positive affirmation, different mindfulness exercises and I ended up loving it so much that I couldn't stop filling it out for more than 3 months. Let's take a look into the journal that healed my skin.

Peak into the food & mood tracker healing journal

What is included in the Healing Journal and how to use it?

The 12 week healing journal includes a daily tracker sheet for 12 weeks, 3 diagrams where you can compare your mood and your skin's connection, 2 colouring-relaxing pages and many exercises where you can reflect on how your body feels and what you would like to leave behind or achieve.

The daily tracker sheet takes 5-10 minutes to fill out and you can use your markers or pencils to make it colourful and more appealing so that you find extra joy in it. Every day you can mark how much water you've drunken, how much you've slept and exercised, what especially you've eaten, what vitamins or supplements you've taken, how your body's reacted on all these, in which mood you are and what are you grateful for that day. You find a positive affirmation at the bottom of the page to say out loud and practice having positive thoughts about yourself and your healing.

You can fill out the journal every day with some pens, markers, trying to make this 5-10 minutes completely yours. No distractions, no multi-tasking, just you and your thoughts. You can fill it out either at the end of the day or next morning, when you have more time and energy. I liked to fill out mine in the evenings as a relaxing evening routine, but if you're more a morning person, maybe you benefit more of getting up early and journal about your last day. You will find exercises to think about and reflect on every week and if you feel like you have more thoughts than space provided, go ahead and write them down in a separate journal or sheet. Later on you can check all of these together.

Weekly exercises to reflect on your healing

For who is this journal ideal?

Anybody who likes to track their foods, sleeping, exercise and moods linked to all of these! But mostly for those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and they want to see the connection between their diet and their skin's condition.

Originally I created the Healing Journal to track my reactions on different foods in and after an elimination diet and it helped me big time to remember how well I reacted on the new foods introduced in my diet. You might think you will remember everything but trust me, this is not realistic. We have so much going on in our lives that we can't clearly remember to every single vegetable and how itchy or red it made us!

This journal can be used by women and men, at any age, anytime, anywhere. A bit of self reflection is really beneficial to all of us.

"Thank you so much for making the tracker, it changed my relationship to food."

Save the planet, print your own

I wanted to make this journal available to anybody with an internet connection, therefore I decided to make it as a digital file, so everyone can check it out as a pdf and print it out at home or a local print store. If you like to have a lot of space, you can print out yours as an A4 document, setting the printing to double-sided, this way you can make sure to have less paper waste. If you would like to have a smaller booklet, I recommend you print it through Adobe Reader and set the printing to booklet and double sided, so that you'll have it automatically as a booklet. After printing the pages out as a booklet I folded them in half and sewed the pages together in the middle with a thick thread so they stay at their original place. It ended up like a small book and I was totally in love with it. It also had a special energy because I made it for myself with care.

You can see the stitches that hold the journal together

Jumping straight into it

If you've never journaled at all, I would recommend you try it out first for a week or maybe two to have a feeling of how you like it. You can get the single tracker sheet for FREE, so it's a nice idea to print out 7 or 14 pages and track your days. If you find it hard to stay consistent with it or you keep forgetting it, maybe you can start with only 3-4 days to journal so that you can start and finish it and have a great feeling about it.

If you're a big time journaling master, you'll find it maybe easier but still be careful not to make it into an extra duty at the end of the day, it is supposed to be something relaxing that brings you joy.

Click here to download your FREE tracker sheet to try out:

Single sheet
Download PDF • 48KB

"This journal is a great supplement to my diet! Makes it easy to realize my trigger foods."

What others say about the Healing Journal?



Since I'm on the elimination diet my dietitian recommended. It has been a great pleasure to fill it out regularly and work on my gut health. Can absolutely recommend.

Rebecca B., USA



as I follow the Food Intolerance Diagnosis diet by Karen Fischer. Nomin L. - Germany



Julia was amazingly helpful with several questions answered speedily. I managed to print out and sew the journal together with her help. Highly recommend to anyone doing a diet. Maggie P. - Australia



For creating the eczema journal. We managed to detect my daughter's food intolerances by journaling all her meals. It was a big help. Jen M. - UK



It helps me so much with following my eczema journey and keeping myself accountable for what i eat, how i sleep, and exercising. Thanks Julia for providing this journal to help us all follow our healing process! Natasha S. - Germany

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Julia Blanka

With the knowledge I gained during my education as a holistic health and nutrition coach and with my genuine passion for holistic wellbeing and skincare I’m on the mission to guide you to your healthiest, most beautiful self.

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